We are dedicated to protecting the health of our employees whilst ensuring business continuity and the highest standards of service delivery to our clients.

Our plan

As of today, we continue to operate in all countries where we have ability to operate, and we are delivering most of our client activities remotely. We have been able to switch over 90% of our workforce to deliver our client services remotely while maintaining high standard of cyber-security. We are also operating from our headquarters, in line with health and safety guidelines, when our teams’ physical presence is needed to ensure continuity of our client operations.

Our business continuity plan covers four core areas:

  • • We are supporting our clients’ business continuity response and ensuring minimal disruption to our service
  • • We are ensuring safety of our people
  • • We are preparing for future market needs
  • • We are staying connected as a people and business network with our Daiviksoft Social media connections and virtual meetings.

We are ensuring safety of our people

Switch to remote working

  • • We now ask our employees to work remotely whenever possible and limit their commute, across all countries / places we operate in.
    We ensure that our head office is in line with local health and safety requirements.

Hygiene and health measures to ensure a safe environment

  • • Prevention and health advice has been communicated regularly to all our staff in our office, aligned with local and global health organizations’ recommendations.
  • • Large internal gatherings have been banned.
  • • All employees who were in contact with an infected individual are requested to self-quarantine for 20 days.

Travel policy

  • • We have banned all domestic and international business trips.
  • • We are also keeping in contact with all employees located in regions under lockdown, expatriated or currently on a mission outside their home town /country.